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Poster by brunonade Poster by brunonade
The poster is meant to be about abortion and how a baby has a heart beat within as little as 24 days of conception and that heartbeat can be detected by radio waves at around 6 weeks. Most abortions happen around 6 weeks.

It could also be about how the baby is connected to the woman's heart or metaphorically is, and thats why women often regret abortions and say they would never recommend it as a solution.

Abortion- In the name of woman's rights to choose, yet most woman say they had it because they felt they had no other choice.
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ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
Nice poster
brunonade Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
XD Thanks
ZhaneAugustine Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Dylan-the-dude Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have you heard of something called Post abortion Syndrome?

This is a real syndrome that exists. I affects around 98% of people who had abortions. No kidding.
This is how it goes: Women feel relief after the abortion, but that's just after it. Fast forward and she'll start to feel some degree of regret. Emotionally, she'll feel worthless, empty, depressed, cry a lot and think about killing herself. Psychologically, Women will start to regret what she did. She'll have nightmares of the fetus in the abortion. (Fetus in latin means little child.) Physically, she'll have severe bleeding, cramping and pain in general immediately after the procedure. Later, she will have great trouble conceiving a child due to the trauma caused by an abortion on a woman's body. Hormones are totally out of whack after that happens! Hormones take care of the child inside the mother making sure the environment is suitable. (I call the fetus a child because that's what it will be. Just like a child is just a few years away from adulthood, they're not any less human!) If the child is taken out, the body will "freak out" because of the HUGE change that occurred. PAS can be immediate or take years to take effect. I have seen it happen and it is nasty! Trust me! As a woman myself, I believe we should stand up for our rights, in or out of the womb! And boys, you can have PAS too. Men will experience the symptoms emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. Emotionally, they'll have crying spells, be depressed, lack concentration, drug dependency, and thoughts of suicide. They regret losing their children too. I read that an author had his girlfriend go through an abortion. About three months later, He started to regret it. He would start to cry whenever he would hear a child speak. I know, this sucks.
Even if the woman isn't forced, she usually does it for social or financial reasons. Either knowing she can't afford the baby or she doesn't want to because of a fear she will be rejected by friends, family, coworkers or peers. Rarely are abortions done for medical reasons. PAS syndrome effects these people greatly too.
This is a medical illness that is real and true. It is not a myth and is confirmed. Extensive amounts of research revealed many of the symptoms described above can be traced back to an abortion. In reality, PAS is a long term illness that effects most associated with an abortion.
Besides, where in abortion procedure forms does it say the child has a heart beat around 24 days after conception? REmember, if you didn't have that heartbeat, you'd be dead.
Oh, one last thing, If women in low income environments get an abortion, it's not going to be easy with PAS being a threat. They'll have to pay more to make sure they can live normally after that event. If the woman can't afford a child, it's best to put it up for adoption. The child gets to live and mom gets to help out a couple who may be unable to conceive.

I know it's a mouthful, but that's my reply to what all you have to say. As to brunonade, a shout out to you because you support everyone's right to live!

Helpful links:
Secular resource:
Christian/informational resource: [link]
Also secular:
As tempting as it maybe to reply to this, I ask you to not. For the sake of the deviant that made this, please do not start a full blown debate. I'm going to say it once more. READ THIS, IF YOU DON'T AGREE, I'LL ACCEPT IT. IF YOU DO, THAT'S GREAT. BUT DON'T REPLY!!!!!!!!
Thanks! ^^
brunonade Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
THANK YOU! Because I could not be bothered debating this to the other two women. (hence I didn't reply) I've been in TOO many debates that lead no where so thanks for taking over, i totally agree and what you said was much appreciated.
Dylan-the-dude Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome. It's an honor to share my views with others. Then they aren't alone in that view. Who doesn't appreciate support anyway?
brunonade Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
It is for me too a lot of the time, but I find myself getting absorbed in it so unless it's someone I know, or it's a way more formal debate I don't bother so much :P
MercuryShine Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012
"and thats why women often regret abortions and say they would never recommend it as a solution." - [Citation needed]

As long as the female bodied individual is not forced or coerced, regret is rare. It is not unheard of at first, because having an abortion puts your hormones out of whack for awhile. This can cause depression and anxiety. Once their hormones return to normal, usually the person is satisfied with their decision. You can skim through it here: [link]

"yet most woman say they had it because they felt they had no other choice" -

This does have some validity to it. Some reasons for abortion are done when a pregnancy might be wanted, but outside factors influence the person to abort. Most commonly the applies when someone is not financially able to raise a child. This can be remedied by giving aid to low-income mothers. To help them afford food, medical care, day care, and other essentials.
OurHandOfSorrow Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Women who regret abortions were most likely forced or pushed into having one, and that is not what pro-choice is about. Most women do not regret their abortion, they report a sense of relief afterwards.
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